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The Togetherness book covers seven key areas of marriage. Each area is a stand-alone topic. Yet they build upon and support the others providing a foundation for a healthy marriage. From Coming Together, Talking Together, Deciding Together, Fighting Together, Sleeping Together, Parenting Together to Staying Together, the Togetherness book gives practical advice on how to love your marriage, live life better together and stay together for life.


A great marriage is the product of great partnership—something Wil and Autumn Lake exemplify. Togetherness will position you to experience relationships the way God intended. Read this book if you’re ready to transform your perception of what it looks like to do life with your spouse.  

John Bevere, Messenger International in Colorado Springs, CO. Minister and Best-Selling Author of Killing Kryptonite. Other books include Driven By Eternity, The Bait of Satan, Good or Bad, The Story of Marriage  and Relentless.


No one lives togetherness in marriage like Wil and Autumn Lake.  Chelsea and I would consider this couple one of our heroes and are we so excited they are sharing their marriage secrets with us.  They have modeled this principle of living better together and practicing unity through the seasons of their marriage with care and fruitfulness.  This book is real, practical guidance from the Lakes as they share some insightful help and tools to master togetherness in key areas of your marriage.

 Judah Smith, Lead Pastor of Churchome in Seattle WA. New York Times best-selling author of How's Your Soul?, Jesus Is and Life Is


Togetherness -  that deep sense of being united, close and inseparable - is what every married couple longs to enjoy. And if you’re looking for a means to this kind of intimacy, you’ve found the right book. Wil Lake reveals the secrets to sweet communion as a couple.  Don’t miss out on his message. 

Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott, #1 New York Times best-selling authors of Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts, Other popular titles include Real Relationships, L.O.V.E., The Parent You Want To Be, Trading Places, The Complete Guide To Marriage Mentoring and Love Talk. 


Sometimes when you hear about a book you immediately know that the topic of the book is the perfect topic for that author.  That's how I felt when I heard that Wil Lake had written this book. Not only is it a much needed resource for couples, but it's written in a way that only experience and insight can convey. I highly recommend Togetherness for couples at all stages of life and relationship.

Kevin Gerald, Lead Pastor of Champions Centre, Tacoma WA. Conference speaker, and author of Good Things, Mind Monsters, Pardon Me, I'm Prospering, Proving Ground and Developing Confidence


Wil and Autumn Lake have always exemplified the love and respect a married couple should have and grow with all the days of their marriage. Here is a walk through the real issues covered in a biblical way, where any and all married couples will find encouragement and pathways to follow.

Dr. Frank Damazio, Frank Damazio Ministries, Portland OR. Pastor, international conference speaker, author of over 30 books including The Making of a Leader, Strategic Church and Life Changing Leadership


Wil Lake’s Togetherness provides a blueprint for experiencing God’s best in marriage. This book is a treasure that will help you look at partnership in a brand-new way. You will discover God’s special destiny for your marriage and see that your future together is bright with promise.

Roger Crawford, Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker and author of How High Can You Bounce, Think Again and Playing from The Heart.


Togetherness is much more than a book; it is a marriage manual to help couples build a strong marriage together. A lasting marriage does not just happen; it takes 2 people working together. Wil and Autumn Lake have modeled that kind of marriage and have written Togetherness to help others achieve the same thing.

Benny Perez, Lead Pastor of The Church at South Las Vegas, author of More: Discovering The God of More When Life Gives You Less

What readers are saying

What a great book! I highly recommend all married couples read this book. Its funny and very real and I found myself laughing out loud. – Meghann L., Amazon customer

Many years ago, my own marriage was massively imploding and it was just the kind of wisdom and advice in this book that got us through and into a thriving marriage 18+ years plus! The honest and conversational style of this book makes it very easy to read and understand. The other thing I love about this book is that he pulls in so many outside resources & information that it's very informative & well rounded. These principles will improve any marriage! – DHP, Amazon customer

Thoughtfully written from a place of hope, truth and power. Every marriage can use encouragement , practical tools and tangible truths. I highly suggest this book To the newly wed, engaged or 20 years married couples! Great read for healthy successful marriage! We are better together! – Chrissy Helmer

I love the concept and writing in this book. If I want my marriage to work I have to do every aspect of the relationship with my wife "Together". I"m inspired by the Biblical and practical direction in the authors writing! I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to grow their marriage! –  Amazon customer